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Deborah Bowe

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I am not only a doll artist but I am a doll collector also.
My passion for dolls has started since my first childhood memories have began.
Mainly, my favorite dolls at the time were baby dolls and barbies. My grandmother was an avid doll collector and I remember she owned the most amazing dolls that I ever seen.

It has always been such a natural approach for me to be surrounded by dolls, some of them had to be displayed in their cases while other ones I was allowed to play with..
So I have always wondered while looking at them how was life for a doll without ever being played with..

Since a young age , I always seem to prefer and to love dolls that look realistic and lifelike and my dream doll was a tall standing toddler doll that walked if took by her hand and talked and sang.
I have never had the pleasure to own her as a child but I am blessed to have adopted what in my opinion I can call a wonderful doll collection today as a grown up.

I have acquired several dolls in my doll collection, from artist dolls to my own made reborn art doll creations.

Truly, I love each one of my dolls and I am blessed to be able to do what I truly love for a living which is to create dolls and to play with dolls.

If you are here and you are reading my blog it is because more than likely we are equally blessed with such wonderful passion for the world of dolls.

Enjoy your reading and thank you for stopping by,

Name: Deborah Bowe

Age: 45 Years Old (10/16/1972)
Location: DB's Art Dolls Studio @ Amazing Treasures Dolls