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Thursday, February 19th 2015

4:27 AM

New Year, New Country, New Home, New Dolls, New Website..!!!

Life is a constant change and it is not always easy to move from country to country and to adapt.
The past 6 months have been real intense for my family and I due to our move from England to Italy and then back to America.
Finally, we are all settled, happy and comfortable in our new home and I am back at work.
I am blessed because I am able to work and to express my creativity through doll making makes me feel just like time has frozen - I like to believe that no one really ever grows old while creating or playing with dolls because dolls help us to remember who we once were..

SO... New country, new home, new year, new dolls and new WEBSITE!
Yes, I would love to add a little BIG THANK YOU to my dear and lovely Nat!
Natalie has redesigned and revamped again my website.
I am truly happy because I believe that the new colors, layout, graphics and templates reflect my personality and my work.
As I am so used to move, I welcome changes and challenges and I am always open to new possibilities.. so this is "Amazing Treasures Doll" new look for 2015.
Thank you sweet Natalie for your dedication and for being so caring and patient.

If you wish to see Natalie's portfolio please feel free to visit her website:

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