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Sunday, July 6th 2014

10:39 AM


Love, Love, Love Air Dry Clay!!!!

I have been sculpting more lately - which is exactly what I wanted to do in a very long time and I am glad I am finally finding some time to experiment more with clay and textures and practicing (and hopefully improving) my sculpting skills..

For me it has always been a "natural" thing to hold a brush and I must admit I felt slightly uncoordinated while handling sculpting tools at first.

BUT.. it is true when they say that determination pays off as I am loving to sculpt and to create OOAK Art Dolls more and more.

I am also grateful to so many OOAK Sculpting Artists for providing inspiration and advice and to my friends for their loving support and encouragement (you are the best, you know it!!)So there she is...

Please meet "Lumina"!

I have hand sculpted her with air dry clay, she wears an esemble that I have created by using fabrics, laces and silk ribbons and she is over 12 inches tall. She stands on her own pedestal / stand where her crown is safely contained..

More to come - stay tuned and have a great day!



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